How It Works

Sometimes programs like this just seem too good to be true, the promise of thousands of hits and unlimited payments can just never happen but I wanted to take a moment to explain how it is all possible and why this site is set up to work when others are set up to fail.

Thousands Of Hits

The way that we can deliver thousands of hits is that when new members signup they must first visit 8 websites by clicking on the 8 banners that are on the main page.

This means they see your site for 15 seconds and that is good advertising.

So let me show you how you can get thousands of hits from this by just having a handful of referrals.

The simple power here is level banner movement. When you promote your referral link your banner is in the top position. When you introduce others and they promote their banner will be in the top position and yours will be in position 2 on their pages. Just like your sponsor will be on position 2 on your page.

Then when your referrals refer others your banner will be in position 3 on their page. So your referrals referrals referrals promotions will have your banner on level 4 etc and so on down a whole 8 levels.

So the more you bring in and the more each of them bring in then the more your banners will be shown and your site will get visited.

Instant Tron Payments

Available to Complete members only (Upgraded)

So as well as traffic you can also earn instant unlimited tron payments down the whole 8 levels too. The way this works is that when someone in your downline buys a upgrade we split that upgrade payment into 9 parts (450 TRX divided by 9 is 50 TRX) Admin get one payment of 50 TRX for running the site and the other 8 are distributed up 8 levels.

So if you upgrade then your sponsor gets 50 TRX and their sponsor gets 50 TRX and their sponsors sponsor gets it too all the way up 8 levels.

So like before if you introduced a handful that also did the same and so on when anyone in the whole entire 8 level downline buys an upgrade you get a payment.

So if you promoted it today in a years time someone 7 levels down could introduce a new member that upgrades and you get paid. You could be sleeping and totally forgot about this program and you are still getting paid 8 levels down.

But remember the Tron Earning ability is part of the upgraded membership only. Free members can only earn traffic. But that is how we ensure people pay so you can earn.

Lets have a look at the possibilities

The figures above are based on you introducing 5 people who each introduce 5 people and so on. However, some may not introduce as many or any but some may introduce a lot more. 

As you can see we are not an investment type site or matrix etc. We simple split the upgrade payments and reward the uplines 8 levels up.

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- Upgraded Members Banner Ad - Link Opens In A New Window -